Entries by Dr. Ramona Charikar, Northwest Calgary Naturopathic Medicine

Treating Constipation with Naturopathic Medicine

Constipation is an uncomfortable condition that most people have experienced at some point in their lives, and it is something I treat very often in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. Constipation means that you don’t have a bowel movement every day, or that even if you do have a bowel movement daily, they do […]

The Importance of Balancing your Blood Sugar Levels

Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels is something that is important for many reasons. And although people don’t often complain about this in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice, they do complain about many of the symptoms associated with unbalanced blood sugar. So many symptoms are linked to this, and so few people are aware of […]

Treating Abdominal Weight Gain with Naturopathic Medicine

One of the most frequent concerns I see in my Northwest Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice is patients noticing abdominal weight gain, or the “spare tire” around their midsection. Most patients find this weight difficult to lose and are understandably frustrated! Weight loss in this area is not as simple as calories in vs. calories out, […]

Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Naturopathic Medicine

Type 2 Diabetes is a very common condition that I see in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice, and it is also a condition that is highly influenced by a patients diet and lifestyle. By learning the impact of diet and lifestyle on blood sugar levels, patients can take an active and empowered approach to […]

Treating Hair Loss with Naturopathic Medicine

Hair loss and thinning hair is something I treat commonly in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. It can be caused by a variety of causes, and can be very devastating and scary for the patient. Causes can include hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, stress, thyroid imbalance, and/or nutrient deficiencies, and much more, and can affect […]

Anti-aging with Naturopathic Medicine

Anti-aging is a topic that the majority of my patients are interested in at my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. It is natural for people to want to look their best for as long as possible, and age as gracefully as possible. There are so many options for anti-aging therapies, and a person can spend […]

Treating Frozen Shoulder with Naturopathic Medicine

Frozen Shoulder is a condition I have treated successfully in the past 10 years in my NW Calgary Naturopathic Medicine practice. Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, symptoms include pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion in the shoulder. These symptoms can occur after a period of injury, surgery, or over use, and are caused by […]